Pynwheel Tour Tech for Centralized Leasing

Pynwheel apps are perfect solutions to have in place to support leasing staff that operate as part of a centralized leasing model.

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Pynwheel Touch

Pynwheel Touch is a great tool for agents to utilize in a centralized leasing office! Our robust sales & leasing Touch application allows prospects to easily transition from one community to the next, where they are able to swipe through to view pricing, availability and details about all the great benefits each property has to offer!

Sales reps can also use the prospect's Pynwheel Touch customized e-brochure as a guide to follow up about properties that best match their needs!


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Pywheel Self Tour

After talking with a prospect about a specific multifamily property, centralized leasing agents can set them up to tour the property independently with Pynwheel Self Tour! Our comprehensive self-guided tour application will navigate prospects throughout the property via interactive wayfinding, providing them with all the information they need to know about the community. They can also take their own notes and photos through the app and even apply for a lease!

Leasing agents will have access to valuable leasing insights and analytics about their visitors' self-guided tours in Pynwheel Connect, supplying them with pertinent follow up information!

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Young girl taking a self-guided tour throughout an apartment property with Pynwheel Self Tour

Pynwheel Maps

For centralized leasing agents who are communicating with prospects who are unable to visit the office or property, Pynwheel Maps is a great support tool! Leasing agents can provide prospects with the link to the property's Pynwheel Map where they will be able to digitally tour the community at any time and from anywhere! Pynwheel Maps' live pricing and availability gives prospects details in real time and also allows them to apply for a lease for any available units!

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