Pynwheel General FAQ

 Check out answers to some of our most frequently asked questions!

After all data and information is entered into Pynwheel Connect and approved by our production team, production takes 2-4 weeks. 
All changes made in Pynwheel Connect are live immediately. 
Log in to Pynwheel Connect using the button above. If you don't know your password, click "forgot password" and an email will be sent to you. If you'd rather, we can make changes for you! Just email 
Pynwheel launched its first product at AIM in 2013!
Our products are used by properties across the U.S., in Canada, and in the U.K. 
Pynwheel designs interactive tour technology for the multifamily housing industry to enhance the prospect experience and improve tour-to-lease ratios.

Pynwheel Touch FAQ


Production typically takes 2-4 weeks after we have received a completed project form, we have successfully imported all of your unit and floor plan data, and we have all of your content.

If you need to change out any content, log into Pynwheel Connect. The "Log In" button is in the upper right cornder of this page. Once you log in, pop-ups will walk you through what to do on each page. It's easy to make changes! Questions? Don't know how to log in? Email and we'll help you out! 

Pynwheel touchscreens come with a 3-year advanced exchange warranty provided by the manufacturer. If your touchscreen computer or monitor stops working, you (or someone on site with the property staff) will need to go through a couple of minor troubleshooting steps to 1) make sure that it is an equipment failure and not a power failure and 2) determine whether the computer or the monitor need to be replaced. If the computer or the monitor needs to be replaced, our hardware partner will send you a new one in short order. If a replacement computer is sent to the property, you will need to remove the old computer and return it in the box that the new computer came in, and then install the new computer. Once the computer is installed, you will need to go through a few simple steps to give Pynwheel remote access. If a replacement monitor is sent to the property, our hardware partner will send a technician to the property to uninstall the old monitor; reinstall the new monitor; and remove the old monitor from your property.

Pynwheel Touch works on the Windows 10 operating system with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a touch screen. In order to keep your application updated, we also require access via LogMeIn.

Pynwheel’s installation services are only available for flat drywall. We do not cover installs for custom enclosures, tables, niches, or cabinets. If you are installing a touchscreen in a niche, make sure that there is enough room around the edges to allow for movement to install the screen.

If your Internet is not connected, that means your Internet is down. Contact your IT department or Internet Service Provider. You can test your Internet connection by closing the Pynwheel app and using the browser to open a live website.

Pynwheel does not set up touchscreens to require a username or password. If your touchscreen is requesting a password, someone onsite has added a local password and/or a user to your touchscreen, which should be removed. Your IT department should be able to assist.

The unit and floor plan data in Pynwheel comes directly from your data feed provider. Your first stop should be to check your website to compare. If your website is also incorrect, contact your data feed provider. If your website appears to be correct but your Pynwheel touchscreen is incorrect, email Pynwheel Support with three examples including unit number, what data is appearing that is incorrect, and what it should be. We will compare this to the data we are receiving from your data feed provider and help you to get the issue resolved.

The first thing you need to do if your touchscreen is not working is to determine if it is a power issue or a hardware issue. First, check the small remote control, which is wired and should be attached to the lower section underneath the touch screen next to the power cord. If you see a small green light shining on the remote control, that means there is power.

If there is power, depress the power button on the remote control to try to restart the computer. If the touchscreen still does not work, email Pynwheel Support to report the hardware issue, detailing the steps you have taken.

Note: please do not remove your computer from your touchscreen unless you have been asked to do so by Pynwheel support. First, gently pull the bottom of the touchscreen towards yourself and away from the wall. The “kickstand” should hold it in place, allowing you to access the wall behind the touchscreen. Unscrew the thumbscrews on the left side (as you are facing the screen). Once the thumb screws are unscrewed, the computer will slide out to the left. Remove the Ethernet from the computer’s Ethernet port.

Pynwheel touchscreens come with remote access pre-installed, so you should only have to take steps to give Pynwheel access if you have a touchscreen that you did not purchase through Pynwheel; if someone has mistakenly uninstalled LogMeIn; or if you have received a replacement computer. In any of these cases, you will need to install LogMeIn to give Pynwheel remote access to your touchscreen. To do so, open Internet Explorer (or any web browser) by double tapping the icon on the touch screen. Enter this web address: in the address bar. Tap the the button to Install Pynwheel Remote Access. Follow the prompts to do a "typical" install. Once you have completed all the steps and tap "Finish", you will be prompted to enter an access code. This is important! The access code you need to enter is pynwheel (just one word - all lowercase). You will be prompted to enter it twice. Please email Support as soon as you have completed these steps so we can complete the setup.

The touchscreen works just like any other Windows computer. You turn it off by touching the Windows icon in the lower left corner and selecting the "Shutdown" option.

To power it on, touch and hold the power button on the back of the screen in lower right corner. If you have an older model (pre-2016), find the small remote that is magnetized to the back of the screen, usually on the lower right side, and press the power button.

Pynwheel Self Tour FAQ


One of the great things about Self Tour is that wayfinding and access will work whether or not the user is connected to WiFi or cell data. Some features of the tour (such as links and virtual tours) will not work if there is no connection. 
Once all of your information has been added to Pynwheel Launch, production takes 2-4 weeks. 
In order to get started, complete the order form by clicking on the "order" button above. After you have paid your setup fee, you will have access to Pynwheel Launch where you can submit your data feed credentials, site map, floor plans, and tour stop information.